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Life is better when you care about yourself!


Life is better when you believe in yourself!  


Life is better when you love yourself!


Do you agree with these statements?


If so, answer the following questions


  •   Are you a person who puts everyone else's wellbeing first?

  •   Do you have difficulty finding time to care for yourself?

  • Have you started your journey towards wellness more than once, but find yourself giving up before you see results?

  • Do you feel guilty and selfish when you do something for yourself?

  • Do you seek clarity and self-direction in your life? 

  • Do you desire to live mindfully and with intention?

  •  Do you want to learn how to do it?


As a Lifestyle Coach, Massage Therapist and a Yoga Instructor I know the following to be absolute truths:

You cannot inspire happiness if you feel unhappy.


You cannot care for others if you cannot care for yourself.


You can create your excellence, cultivate your self-love and indeed reach your GOALS!


You can stop dreaming healthy, and begin living healthy


How do I know?


It is a first-hand experience!!!


There was a time that I had very little love for myself. 

Insecurities and doubt in everything I think, say or do, negative self- talk. Drama, drama, drama!!!

Nothing I did ever felt right: from my relationship with myself to my relationships with the people in my life to what I chose to study at University and everything in between.


With so much noise in my head, I didn't know what was going on in my life except that I had the thirst for adventure. That is how I ended up in America. Hello to the USA! I thought I could resolve the issues, problems and the way I felt about myself simply by moving.  


As you may guess, my life continued just as it had been. Same patterns of bad decision making, just a different location. Too much alcohol, way too much and all the time, poor food choices, mindless and shallow living led to endless weight gain, many destroyed relationships, and a continued depressed spirit.

I still didn't get the hint.

Wake up, girl!

You are wasting precious time!

This insanity was going on until the day I found out I was pregnant! 

At that very moment, I realized how much damage I had done. How much time I had wasted. It was like waking up from a nightmare


My daughter is my savior!

I had to make changes about how I lived for the benefit of my child

I Needed to regain control of my LIFE!

Failure was not acceptable!

So began my journey to health and wellness!


I put my hands, mind and time on everything that could enrich my life and make me a better person tomorrow than I had been yesterday.

I explored different methods, techniques, and therapies to find what would work for me.

I learned how to set clear goals and acknowledge that what works for others doesn't have to work for me and vice versa. I started to see results that made me consistently smile.


My adventurous spirit had been reawakened!

I was ready for the challenges life was presenting me!

I was living Healthy!

I was living Happy!


Learning to love myself was not easy!

Learning to make the proper choices was challenging!

Learning how to accept the challenge may have been the greatest of all the challenges!




My purpose now is to pay forward these lessons!


To teach that it is OK to care and nurture yourself.


That there is nothing selfish about it!


It is time to get your intuitive explorer suit on and learn to live intentionally, mindfully and with compassion for yourself!


It is time for a change!


It is time for a challenge!


It is time for an Adventure!





To be able to succeed in life you need to know yourself- your strengths, weaknesses, what works and what doesn't. The more you care for your body, mind, and soul, the more this bigger picture unfolds.




There are ups and downs, but staying high in the lowest lows and feel supported through the struggles makes you learn the most valuable lessons!




It is not about the act of mindfulness or practicing it. It is about living it!


Let's go on an adventure and rediscover your inner power! 

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