Do you want to expand your life?

To feel free?

To grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally?

Do you ever feel like limiting beliefs are taking over and making you a slave of unpleasant memories?

Do you find yourself rewinding the tape, reliving the story and focusing on the could've, would've and should've?

Aren't you sick of it?






AFT (Aroma Freedom Technique) is a step-by-step process for identifying and releasing negative thoughts, feelings, and memories that interfere with reaching our goals and dreams. It is meant to be used as a way to a person's emotional energy flowing in a positive direction, towards growth and expansion rather than contracting in fear and doubt. This results in greater confidence and inner freedom.


When we are no longer stuck in a negative mindset, we are free to create the life we desire.
It is an entirely new approach to aromatherapy, one that uses the power of pure essential oils to instantly and irresistibly shift a person’s mental state, mood, and ability to take decisive action. 



 Obtain clarity of purpose


 Remove mental blocks

​​Release negative emotional patterns

Overcome doubt and procrastination


Build confidence

Realize goals

Aroma Freedom Technique is a process and a tool that takes you from where you are to where you want to be.



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Frequently asked questions

Where do we do the session?

The beauty of it is that it can be done anywhere where it feels safe for you. We can meet or we can do it online through Zoom or Facebook.

What if I don't have the oils?

No reason to worry! I've got you! You can order your oils here or I send you a little sample of what you need.

How long does the session last?

Anywhere between 30 min to an hour! It takes what it takes! I wouldn't rush you. We will reach a conclussion and will accomplish all the steps!

Does AFT really work?

Give it a try! It healps rewire the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving your goal!

Are you a therapist?

If massage therapist counts then the answer is yes! I am NOT here to diagnose, treat and prescribe. I am NOT a doctor, NOT a counselor, NOT a psychotherapist. I am Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner and coach and I am here to serve you the best I can!

What are the oils that we use?

Young Living Essential Oils: - Lavender, Frankinsense, Stress Away - Inner Child - Release - Believe or Transformation