What do you imagine when you hear the word VIBRATION?


Do you know that everything that surrounds us has a language? 

Not just simple words, but continuously moving waves, it is vibrational frequency.

Everything is energy! 

What we FEEL, what we SAY, what we THINK, all people and creatures!

To have High Energy Vibration doesn't mean that you must bounce off the walls.

It doesn't mean that you have to be always happy, smiling, loud. It doesn't mean that you never experience challenges. 

All it means is to be in alignment!

To feel great in your body!

To trust and to know that the past creates your story, but it doesn't define you!

To vibe high means to love yourself, to care for yourself, to have strong confidence, to be able to express yourself from your heart! 

Vibing high puts you in alignment! This is when all the magic starts to happen. The moments when the Universe starts smiling at you, and you start experiencing the law of attraction, serendipity is everywhere, and you can feel it! 


Lena M.

travel agent

It is one fantastic journey! And I’m writing this only as I find myself in a pitstop along the way because I discovered my inner traveler and won’t be able to revert to my old self.

At first, I was very skeptical about working with Lili, since I had struggled through my whole life trying to get my life on track with a healthier lifestyle. I always underestimated how much you can accomplish and thought that habits are impossible to break. But that’s why I was so surprised. She was able to get me out of my head and show me a whole new world in which I am empowered and on the constant path to improvement. It’s in the little things that she managed to realize about myself that I even hadn’t thought about, the fact that she got how my brain is working, therefore being able to get me out of my head and out of my comfort zone.

It’s a struggle in the beginning, but her support and mindfulness were a guiding star, providing not only light on the path but also energy so I can keep moving whenever I was feeling least motivated, that I’d ever make any difference.

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Have you ever struggled with finding clarity?
Do you continuously run low on energy?
Have you ever feared that life is slipping through your fingers and you are not making the best out of it?
Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all of your to-dos, to be, to accomplish, to survive, to please?
Have you ever looked at people who dance gracefully through life and although you admire it, you are also a little jealous, and the lack of energy in yours makes you feel hopeless?

How does one come back from all the negativity, from the feeling of being stuck?

How does one find the strength to pull up from the ditch of too much noise in the head: the noise of limiting beliefs, of not-enoughness, of false truths that you believed so hard, that is impacting you on all levels? 


This journey takes a decision and commitment. It takes work and persistence. It takes daily action!