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August Offerings

Taking care of yourself is more than a luxury! It is health!

Ayurvedic Consultation

Are you interested in learning more about Ayurveda and scheduling your consultation?

Reach out with any questions!

Through Ayurveda, you will:

- get to know your body

- learn the best way to support your digestion

- understand how you may be sabotaging your health, even if it seems that you are doing everything right

Schedule Ayurvedic Consultation


Yoga with Lili
(in-person & on-line)

I teach outdoor yoga every Monday and Saturday at Stage Neck Inn (next to the pool, overlooking the ocean) and in yin every Tuesday- Yoga on York at 6:30 pm.

Explore all the classes and sign up. The button below will take you to the right place.

Ever been to the studio? No! Sign up for unlimited yoga for 30 days ($30).

Stretch and Breathe

The treatment combines "lazy yoga" and massage, where I guide you to connect deeper to your body through breathwork and increase your range of motion through passive stretches. Contact me to learn more or schedule.

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