May Offerings

Taking care of yourself is more than a luxury! It is health!

Free Breathwork 
Wednesdays at 7am

What would your day look like if you begin with intention by giving yourself the time to get grounded and feel focused and motivated from the morning. Each week we'll explore a different theme and different style. 

Release the Psoas

The psoas is "the muscle of the soul" and plays a significant role in balancing your body and proper posture. It influences how we breathe, determines our ability the relax, and so much more. Experience the profound benefits of releasing, massaging, and learning about this muscle.

May 20th at 5:30 pm


Yoga with Lili
(in-person & on-line)

I teach slow flow and breathwork in Yoga on York every Tuesday at 6:30 pm and Yin Yoga on May 5th at 5:30 and May 19th at 5:30 pm.

Explore all the classes and sign up. The button below will take you to the right place.

Ever been to the studio? No! Sign up for unlimited yoga for 30 days ($30).

Stretch and Breathe

The treatment combines "lazy yoga" and massage, where I guide you to connect deeper to your body through breathwork and increase your range of motion through passive stretches. Contact me to learn more or schedule.

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