Massage Packages and Pricing

Neck Massage


Do you have a happy place? Maybe it is anywhere surrounded by people you love or a place where you can fully savor nature? My goal is for your experience with me to be one of your happy places! Massage indeed is so much more than luxury. It helps you shift from the overwhelm of your busy mind to feeling centered and grounded.

The benefits of massage are a hundred miles list long, but I'll mention just a few of all the great that you can gain from taking the time to unwind here with me:

  • Reduces headaches, stress, and anxiety

  • Provides a feeling of well-being

  • Promotes physical and mental relaxation

  • Improves the quality of sleep

  • Relaxes the body and calms the nervous system

  • Relieves tired, aching, and cramping muscles

  • Improves muscle tone and posture

  • Increases blood and lymph circulation

It feels amazing! Seriously! Come to try and see for yourself.

When you feel better in your body, you are more productive, creative, and have mental clarity.

Making time for massage is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself!

Massage is an art: an excellent and gentle way to connect your body and mind.



Bodywork/ Massage

60 minute massage - $110

75 minute massage- $140

90 minute massage - $165

Add to Your Treatment

Stretching - $20

Hot Stones - $15

Bamboo - $15

30 min Reflexology - $50

30 min Breathwork- $50

15 min Breathwork- $35

60 minutes Massage Package Deal

3 Massages- $315 (save $15)

5 Massages- $500 (save $50)

10 Massages- $975 (save $125)

75 minutes Massage Package Deal

3 Massages- $405 (save $15)

5 Massages- $650 (save $50)

10 Massages- $1275 (save $125)

90 minutes Massage Package Deal

3 Massages- $480 (save $15)

5 Massages- $775 (save $50)

10 Massages- $1525 (save $125

Whether you're looking for a massage therapist for regular work or a one-time massage/gift, I can't recommend Lili highly enough. I've been her client for almost 4 years and even when finances are tight, I make Lili a priority because it is important self-care. Before Lili I never considered having a regular massage, but she is that good! I like a strong massage and she has strong hands if you want that, though I'm sure she would ease up if that is your preference. And the icing on the cake is that Lili is such a dear, authentic, caring person. I feel safe surrendering to her hands for an hour and emerge feeling revived in body and spirit. Do give her a try, you won't regret it!

Jill C